Diary by hand using Excel

Notebook excel

Hi, friends! Today I would like to discuss how to make a diary by hand using Excel. Let’s go!


  • Download the file NotebookMakros.xls using the reference below.
  • Open the file NotebookMakros.xls and specify the period on the sheet “Example”.
  • Press the button “Create new book”.
  • Print out external sheets by pressing the button “Print external sheets”.
  • After printing, swap the sheets; the first sheet must be the last,
    the second, last but one, the third after the second, …, the last will be the first.
  • Print out internal sheets by pressing the button “Print internal sheets”.
  • Cut the sheets in half across.

    How to cut the diary in the middle

    Cutting the diary in the middle

  • Cut the sheets along the lines on the side, removing excessive pieces.

    How to cut the diary on the side

    Cutting the diary on the side

  • Then bend the book.
  • Take cardboard, make cover at the size of a diary and attach to it.

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