php programming

The article describes the sorting methods of a multidimensional array. One of the methods shows how to sort a multidimensional array by values of two keys.


The article describes what modifications need to be done at the installation of 1C:Enterprise 8 and what should be remembered at the installation of MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, in order to organize the interaction between them.

Debugging with NetBeans IDE

Have you ever encountered errors in PHP code? Which debugging program did you use in such case? If you still do not have such program, it is time to learn about NetBeans IDE!

Error at the transfer of values by means of the form with the POST method

I needed to transfer the values by means of the form with the POST method. When I tried: enctype=”text/plain” the value title was equal to null.

NicEdit Installation

Many heard about the visual HTML editor NicEdit. How to install it? Easily!

Context Menu Keypresses

In this article I’d like to explain in detail how to debug the PHP code with the use of NeatBeans IDE.

Adding the images to database

How to add images to database MySQL by means of the form with the use of PHP.